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We are no Alarms


No Alarms was born in Texas as the solo passion project of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles, and has since bloomed into a Detroit-based, fully-fledged, five-piece. No Alarms is blending the lines between modern indie pop and new wave revival, and building an engrossing live show from the ground up. The band, according to Skope Mag & MTM, "delivers infectious, arena sized pop hooks supported by an electro-pop-rockin’ instrumental foundation that infuses your being with memorable frequencies...incorporating a great deal of color within a stripped-down, neon-hued atmosphere." Their debut single "Right is What's Left" was featured in an episode of ABC's "Kevin Probably Saves the World" originally airing on February 6th, 2018. 'No Alarms' EP was the 13th most added record on NACC college charts its debut week, and has since peaked at #132 on the NACC 200.

Photos by Alex Elkins & Andrew Boles. 


Vocals, Guitar, Synth / Andrew Boles
Drums, Percussion / Jack Reedy
Bass, Bass Synth, Percussion / Jordan McLanson
Synth, Keyboard, Sampling / Stephen Werner
Vocals, Guitar / Daryn DeCriscio