Debut Single, "Right is What's Left", Out Now

After much anticipation, Detroit Indie Pop outfit No Alarms is releasing their debut single, "Right is What's Left," to all major retailers and streaming services on January 12, 2018. We're so excited to finally be able to bring this upbeat, energetic track to you and kick off the beginning of No Alarms in such an exciting fashion! Stay tuned for more news coming soon. Single can be found right here.

More information on the track inspiration:

The song is about the little lies we tell each other to paint a false picture of ourselves. Especially early in a relationship or a friendship, before the veneer wears off, we sometimes try to convey a character that we think the other person wants to see, instead of just conveying ourselves. The point of view in Right is What’s Left sings about realizing that the only way to genuinely connect and move forward in a relationship is to convey your actual self and let the other person form their own picture of you based on that.

No Alarms - Right is What's Left - Cover Art.jpg